tarpon Tarpon are known as the silver king. Tarpon are available year round in the keys but March thru July is by far the best, with May & June considered peak.

We typically target tarpon with 20 pound live bait tackle. Our average tarpon are between 60 – 80 pounds but fish between 100-140 pounds are not uncommon. Captain Pat has guided his anglers to over 1700 tarpon in the last six seasons.

Northern Pike Fishermen Take Notice
Barracuda are the most underrated game fish on the flats. cudaThey are the Northern Pike of salt water. Available during the winter months (December thru March), Barracuda provide great light spinning rod action.

We use 8 pound spinning rods and artificial lures. Through the combination of sightcasting and blindcasting we have lots of action – chases, hits, misses and catches. It is not uncommon to catch 15 or 20 "cudas" in a day with a lot more chases and misses.

"Cudas" are also great action for the younger angler since the tackle is so light it is not physically limiting.

Our average cudas are 6 – 12 pounds with anything under 30 pounds being an every cast possibility.


permitPermit are the most challenging game fish on the flats.  Known for their spooky tendencies, sight casting to and catching one is a thrill of a lifetime.  The flats of the lower Keys and Key West are home for the best permit fishing in the world. The IGFA world record book will confirm that.

Permit are available year round except for extended winter cold snaps with March- December best.

We typically target permit with 10 pound spinning tackle.  Our average permit are 8 – 15 lbs with fish in the 20 – 30 pound range not uncommon.


Bonefishbone are the most amazing fish in the ocean. How can a fish, maybe 5 pounds, run so far and so fast?

Bonefish are available year round except during extended winter cold snaps with March – October considered the peak.

We typically target bonefish with 10 pound spinning tackle. They are great sport while still being quite challenging.  Our average bonefish are 4 – 6 lbs but double digit fish are not out of the question.

While the day is considered a success if you land any of the target species in a trip, it is not uncommon to spend part of the day targeting more than one species.  You may very well start the day off tarpon fishing and later switch over to bonefish and permit.  Then again, you may spend the entire day on a permit quest.  It all depends on the anglers preference and the given conditions of the day.

Occasionally everything works out just right and you may have opportunities for Bonefish, Tarpon, and Permit all in the same day.  If successful this is considered a grand slam.

Captain Pat has guided his anglers to 157 grand slams during the past five seasons.

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